Team members

Prof. Domenico Fulgione

I’m professor in zoology, working principally on vertebrate of conservation interest. My teaching involve general zoology, evolution, conservation and management. I work in the Department of Biology, University of Naples Federico II. Primary interest lies in applied zoology and wildlife management in which has to his credit over 50 publications. Current research is focussed on phylogeography, molecular population genetics and landscape ecology to obtain inferences that are applicable in conservation biology. Such studies are informative in revealing genetic differences within and among populations and may therefore become an important tool for providing detailed analysis of genetics and epidemiology as well of species invasions as of the susceptibility of animals to extinction due to environmental, demographic or genetic stochasticity.


Maria Buglione

I am currently a Researcher in Zoology at the University of Naples Federico II. I deal with conservation biology and evolution, working in field and in laboratory on mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrate.In particular, my interest is focused on the analysis of genetic and eto-ecological characteristics of animals deserving of conservation and/or management actions as the Italian hare, the Apennine wolf, the Eurasian otter and wild boar, or exotic alien species (i.e. Nutria), using non-invasive techniques, as diet analysis trough DNA metabarcoding and NGS starting from excrements. Furthermore, I study the evolutionary processes under domestication/feralization in Sus scrofa and the insularity of melanic insular lizards under reverse island syndrome, a case of micro-evolution that lead to repeated adaptive phenotypes.

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Simona Petrelli

I am currently a postdoc at the University of Naples, Federico II. My interests include evolutionary biology, conservation biology and population genetics. During my PhD I refined my knowledge about molecular and field techniques. My main research concerns the return to the wild of Sus scrofa, an evolutionary process that shapes adaptive diversity among animals as a consequence of natural pressure. This study involves field activities and the use of innovative molecular investigation tools such as the genotyping array (Porcine 64K SNP), gene expression analysis (real time PCR) and DNA metabarcoding techniques coupled with new generation sequencing. I also participate in projects of wildlife conservation and management (of species such as Lutra lutra, Canis lupus, Sus scrofa, Lepus spp.) and in the monitoring of alien species (mammals, birds, invertebrates).

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Claudia Troiano

I am PhD student in Bioethics, with a Master’s Degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Quality, with a particular interest in GIS systems and species distribution modeling, as well as experience in both fieldwork activities and population genetics analysis. My PhD project is centered on traditional pastoralism as a tool for biodiversity conservation of mountain habitats with special attention to the practice of transhumance, in terms of ecological, cultural and ethical relevance. My research involves field surveys of the biodiversity, remote sensing analysis of historical photographs and close interaction with the local pastoral community.

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Sofia Belardinelli

I am currently a PhD student in Bioethics at the University of Naples, Federico II. I hold a master’s degree in Philosophical Sciences from the University of Padua. My research project focuses on the relationships between humans and non-human nature, explored from the perspective of environmental ethics. The study involves field surveys of the biological and cultural diversity in Italian villages and natural reserves, and an assessment of their interconnection, in order to identify and study biocultural diversity hotspots across Italy.e interaction with the local pastoral community.

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Master students

Arianna Morena Belfiore
Rossella Lanzieri
Michele Finizio
Benedetta De Francesco
Fabio Blaso

Bachelor students

Debora Gambino
Eliana Rupe
Michela della Valle

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